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Polish to Begin with: Lesson 30 (Lockdown)

So what you can do when in lockdown… learn languages obviously!

In this corona-chaotic podcast we try to talk about some things you can and can’t do in lockdown. And as it happens in lockdown, the plan was great – revise your verbs, practise present tense, see how ‘można’, ‘trzeba’ and ‘wolno’ verbs work – but it all ended in chaos and giggles.

They say Shakespeare wrote King Lear in lockdown. I bet he didn’t have a 6 years old daughter at the time. Oh, and our special guest is…

Vocabulary tips:

można – you are allowed, you can, one can

trzeba – you have to, one must

wolno – you are allowed, you are free to do it (wolny = free)


Anna is a language teacher. You can email her at anna@bloggypolish.co.uk


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