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    Polish to Begin with: Lesson 5 (numbers 0-10)

    In this Bloggy Polish podcast for beginners, you learn numbers 0 to 10. They look like that: 1 [ye•den] – jeden2 [dva] – dwa3 [tshi] – trzy4 [chte•ri] – cztery5 [pyench] – pięć6 [sheshch] – sześć7 [shye•dem] – siedem8 [o•shyem] – osiem9 [jye•vyench] – dziewięć10 [jye•shyench] – dziesięć Remember: when you learn numbers, try not to think about them in you mother tongue but go straight to the number itself! Download or listen: P.S. We also do a little bit of math today. After you listen to the podcast check if your equations look similar to these:1+1=2+2=2+3=5+2=7+3=10-1=9-3=6-4=2+6=8-8=