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How to write a Valentine’s Day card in Polish

It’s high time we all thought about a Valentine’s Day card. So if you need one in Polish, here are some prompts as for the content:

1. Simple but the best:
Kocham Cię
(I love you. Note that the word “Cię” which means “you” starts with a capital “C”. This is how we write all yous in Polish letters and it is meant to show respect for the addressee.)

2. Old school:
Na górze róże,
na dole fiołki,
a my się kochamy
jak dwa aniołki.
(This is a very old nursery rhyme. Probably all Poles know it and will smile with nostalgy when they see it again. The English translation of it is: Roses above, violets below, and we love each other as two little angels. Well? Isn’t that sweet?)

3. Lots of kisses:
Setki buziaków,
tysiące całusów
i tyle uścisków, ile tylko chcesz
tylko dla Ciebie
– ode mnie

(Hundreds of kisses, thousands of kisses and as many hugs as you only want, only for you – from me.
It works in Polish as we have two different words for “kisses” – “buziak” & “całus”.)

Hope these help a bit.
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