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Polish to Begin with: Lesson 10

In this Bloggy Polish lesson for beginners you’ll learn the verb “to have” .


or listen:

To be or not to be. = Być albo nie być.
to have = mieć
I have = mam
I have a problem. = Mam problem.
I have some time. = Mam czas.
I don’t have much time. = Nie mam czasu.
you have = masz
Do you have a question? = Masz pytanie?
he has = on ma
He has a Polish girl-friend. = On ma polską dziewczynę.
she has = ona ma
She has a Polish boy-friend. = Ona ma polskiego chłopaka.
we have = mamy
We have a Polish lesson now. = Mamy teraz lekcję polskiego.
you have = macie
You have a nice house. = Macie ładny dom.
they have = oni mają, one mają


Anna is a language teacher. You can email her at anna@bloggypolish.co.uk

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