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Polish to Begin with: Lesson 13

In this Bloggy Polish podcast for beginners we talk about grammatical genders in Polish.

When you learn a new noun in Polish, it’s good to remember what gender it is: męski (masculine), żeński (feminine) or nijaki (neuter). We put symbols in brackets to help you with that.

water = woda (ż)
mum = mama (ż)
coffee = kawa (ż)
tea = herbata (ż)
lemon = cytryna (ż)
computer = komputer (m)
phone = telefon (m)
boy, boy-friend = chłopak (m)
bread = chleb (m)
table = stół (m)
house, home = dom (m)
bus = autobus (m)
beer = piwo (n)
wine = wino (n)
question = pytanie (n)
breakfast = śniadanie (n)
chicken = kurczę (n)
centre = centrum (n)
time = czas (m)

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Anna is a language teacher. You can email her at anna@bloggypolish.co.uk

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