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Polish to Begin with: Lesson 15

At last we have our 15th Bloggy Polish podcast for beginners. It’s still all about present tense of verbs ending with -ać.

Here it is.

Or here:

I love. = Kocham.
You love. = Kochasz.
Loves. = Kocha.
We love. = Kochamy.
You all love. = Kochacie.
They love. = Oni kochają.
to watch = oglądać
In the evening I watch tv. = Wieczorem oglądam telewizję.
to run = biegać
At the weekends I run in the park. = W weekendy biegam w parku.
to swim – pływać
On Saturday I swim at the swimming pool. = W sobotę pływam na basenie.
to ask – pytać
to eat – jeść
I eat = Jem.
You eat. = Jesz.
He eats. = On je.
She eats. = Ona je.
We eat. = My jemy.
You all eat. = Wy jecie.
They eat. = Oni jedzą.
In the morning we eat breakfast. = Rano jemy śniadanie.
We eat lunch at 12 o’clock. = W południe jemy lunch.
In the afternoon we eat dinner. = Po południu jemy obiad.
In the evening we eat supper. = Wieczorem jemy kolację.
usually = zwykle
cheese = ser
tomato = pomidor
butter = masło
sandwich = kanapka
tuna = tuńczyk
all the time = ciągle
It annoys me! = To mnie denerwuje!
why = dlaczego


Anna is a language teacher. You can email her at anna@bloggypolish.co.uk

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