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Polish to Begin with: Lesson 14

In this Bloggy Polish podcast for beginners we talk about some verbs in present tense and other useful things.

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revision, review = powtórka
And now, revision, review. = A teraz – powtórka.
And now it’s time for revision. = A teraz czas na powtórkę.
I live in London. = Mieszkam w Londynie.
You live in London. = Mieszkasz w Londynie.
to read = czytać
I’m reading a paper. = Czytam gazetę.
He’s reading a text in the Internet. = On czyta tekst w Internecie.
They are reading a magazine. = Oni czytają magazyn.
to fall = padać
I’m exhausted. = Padam na nos.
It’s raining. = Deszcz pada.
It’s raining. = Pada.
Get lost! = Spadaj!


Anna is a language teacher. You can email her at anna@bloggypolish.co.uk

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